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On 2013.11.06 a NoSQL, MongoDB and Big Data Meetup was held in Las Vegas. The session peaked at about 150 participants with about 20 local people from Las Vegas who were not at the IOD 2013 conference.  We had a panel & 11 lightning talks. We've had great feedback on the meetup so far including:   

  • The best session I attended at IOD ; 
  • Very good meetup ; 
  • I had a very good time, the lightning talks were kind of like going to a mini convention for those of us who did not attend the convention

You can see the meetup site   - It  includes photos too

We will place materials relating to the meetup session here.

The Panel  -  Presentation

Panel Chair - Angel Luis Diaz; panelists - Vladimir Bacvanski, Jerry Cuomo, JP Sethi, Tim Vincent

The Lightning Talks :

1. Table for two? A hybrid approach, Keshava Murphy (also Nov 3rd tutorial:­ , Additional details:  )

2. NoSQL in DB2, Bill Bireley

3. The Revenge of SQL, Stephen Brodsky (slides unavailable)

4. Self-Service BI, analytics and Date Warehousing, Leon Katsnelson

5. Secure and Protect MongoDB from Bad Acts and Actors, Kathy Zeidenstein

6. MongoDB Connector for Information Server, Paul Stanley

7. Proprietary or Open Source? That is the Question, Jim Giles

8. Real world MongoDB use case, Heather Kirksey

9. Don’t throw all the junk into that shiny new garage, Mike Martin

10. Succeeding with polyglot persistence, Vladimir Bacvanski

11. Big data meetups, Rafael Coss


BTW, you can find recordings from the IOD conference here: