Welcome to Cross Product Integration

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Purpose of Cross Product Integration documentation

The purpose of the Cross Product Integration documentation is to:

  • Inform you about the possible integrations that are available for specific IBM products.
  • Point you to existing documentation covering tasks that must be carried out to integrate these products.
  • Document the required installation order for solution deployments.
  • Document the required integration tasks that may not be covered within the product-specific documentation.

With these goals in mind the sections that follow fall into three main categories:

  • Product description: This will contain information on where to find a products official information center as well as other information sources.
  • Integration process: This will contain a description of how to integrate a product set or solution. This process may also contain installation process details. The main issues the integration process will attempt to tackle are those of information sharing amongst the product set, the adoption of new integration technologies, and the troubleshooting of solution integration.
  • Installation process: This will contain a description of how to install a product set or solution. The main issues the Installation process will attempt to tackle are those of installation order, that is, what is the order in which I install the products that comprise this solution set; and solution installation troubleshooting, that is, when installing these products as a set, what are the things I need to watch out for.

How to suggest integrations which you would like covered by this documentation

A wiki is only as good as its content, and to facilitate the update of this wiki with documentation covering integrations that you are interested in, we welcome your suggestions. Please contact Nathan Cullen to get suggest any integrations that you think should be documented.