Welcome to SmartCloud Monitoring - Application Insight


The people who brought you IBM Tivoli Monitoring, which manages the IT infrastructure of some of the World's largest companies, are bringing a new innovation to market, based on a project from the vaunted IBM Research Labs. Levleraging our extensive pedigree in application and infrastructure performance and availability monitoring, we've built a solution focused on IT consumers - the owners or subscribers of cloud workloads and the applications they run. Code named (for now) SmartCloud Monitoring Application Insight, this solution offers application and operating system monitoring without the need to deploy a Tivoli Monitoring infrastructure, aimed at users that don't have access to the cloud infrastructure itself, or for temporary or low-priority workloads not targeted for management by a traditional monitoring solution, such as ITM. Utilizing a unique distributed database mechanism, SmartCloud Monitoring Application Insight will be able to scale up or down elastically, providing multi-tenant monitoring for small or large customer or service provider deployments. The monitoring technology can be embedded in virtual machine base images, and initiated automatically when new workloads are deployed, based on those images. The "fabric" that weaves nodes together is deployed as a virtual machine, making the whole solution quick and simple to deploy, requiring no advanced IT management skills.

This open beta program will allow you to download our beta code and provide feedback and guidance on the new functionality, suggested improvements and code quality. This program will allow long-time customers to see the innovations we're building into our portfolio, in response to changes brought to the arena of IT management from the rising influence of cloud computing. New customers, who may have thought that a Tivoli monitoring solution was out of their reach, due to cost or complexity, will see an economical, highly-consumable solution that's just right for them. Because we're leveraging existing monitoring technology, best practices and expertise honed in complex IT environments will be "baked in" to the solution, and existing customers will be able to "connect" these lightweight monitoring solutions into their Tivoli management environment some day, should their needs change.

This community site will enable you to download Beta drivers, see important announcements, interact directly with product developers and planners, and provide the development team your valuable opinions about this new offering's direction and positioning.