8.0.3 Videos

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8.0.3 Videos



Rhapsody 8.0.3

 Action Language - (July 11, 2013)  This viewlet explains the basics of action language and shows how to create an action language project in Rational Rhapsody.

              DDS Improvements - (June 18, 2013)  This viewlet demonstrates how to work with the DDS (Data Distribution Service) profile in Rational Rhapsody.

 Code Generation Improvements - (June 18, 2013)  This viewlet shows how to change the order of explicit dependencies, locate implementation descriptions in generated code, and more.

 Multiple COM Connections - (June 24, 2013) 

Suspect links traceability for OSLC RM integration (suspect links) - (June 24, 2013)  This viewlet shows how Rational Rhapsody Design Manager notifies developers and other team members when requirements are updated in requirements management tools such as DOORS.


Rhapsody Design Manager 4.0.3

 How to add user domain - (June 26, 2013) This viewlet demonstrates how you can work more efficiently with profiles by creating a user domain in Rational Rhapsody Design Manager.

Cross Projects - (June 26, 2013)  This viewlet shows you how to manage multiple projects in Rhapsody Design Manager.

 Workspace delivery - (June 27, 2013)  This viewlet shows how change sets are delivered and processed from multiple child work spaces in Rhapsody Design Manager.

 Managed model for Simulink Models - (June 26, 2013) 

Note: See the attached document describing a work around for Matlab2012a.


Test Conductors and Sodius

 Test Conductor- Merging of model and code coverage reports (July 11, 2013) 

 Test Conductor- Check Model (July 11, 2013) 

 Test Conductor- Integration with RDM_RQM (July 11, 2013) 

 Sodius-  Improvement of XMIToolkit - Enterprise Architect (July 11, 2013) 

 Sodius-  Improvement of XMIToolkit - Magic Draw (July 11, 2013) 

 Sodius-  Ada support for Safety Critical (July 11, 2013) 

 Sodius-  Support Ada 2005 and 2012 (July 11, 2013) 


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