MSC Bank leverages WebSphere MQ for processing transactions from banks and customers across India

MSC Bank leverages WebSphere MQ for processing transactions from banks and customers across India

Reduced process disruptions from data loss improved efficiency and increased customer satisfaction


Business Need

The Maharashtra State Co-Operative Bank Ltd (MSC Bank) caters to the financial needs of farmers and agro-based industries from 50 branches and a network of Regional/Pay Offices and Division Offices around Maharashtra. It also has tie-ups with other banks around India. MSC Bank needed a solution that would enable it to efficiently process financial transactions from various member banks and customers across the country.


Solution & Benefits

MSC Bank implemented IBM Websphere MQ, a Universal Messaging solution, to enable efficient processing of transactions. With the use of IBM Websphere MQ the bank is in a position to handle thousands of transactions within a stipulated period. Some of the immediate benefits of the implementation included reduced process disruptions from data loss, which improved efficiency and increased customer satisfaction. Features of the implementation included:

High Security: Eliminates costly security breach exposure and ensures compliance through message and transaction integrity.

Simplicity: Frees systems integrators and application developers from application complexity enabling them to apply their skills to more productive tasks.

Reduced Risk: Inbuilt failsafe mechanisms reduce the risk of data being lost when applications, Web services or networks fail.

Assured Delivery: Can deliver information either synchronously or asynchronously depending on the needs of the applications and Web services.

Higher Efficiency: Ensures data is not duplicated and completes a series of messaging transactions as a single unit of work or transaction.

Flexible Infrastructure: Provides a flexible infrastructure in which new applications can be developed and deployed faster and more cost effectively without having to write complex communications code.

Reliability: Asynchronous messaging enables the messaging layer to cope better when parts of the architecture are unavailable. In such an event, messages are kept safe and data processing is done when possible.


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