All Lotus Notes Shortcuts

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Список горячих клавиш в Lotus Notes (Ссылка на документацию)

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Keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through and perform tasks in IBM® Lotus Notes®.

If you are using a screen reader, you may want to maximize your window so the keyboard shortcut tables in the following topics are completely expanded and accessible.

Note: The following keyboard shortcuts are based on US standard keyboards.

Click any of the following links for a table of shortcuts:

Extended accelerators

Lotus Notes uses extended accelerators for the Open button, sidebar, and action buttons. Press and hold down the Alt key to use the extended accelerators.

If extended accelerators are disabled, click File > Preferences (Macintosh OS X users: Click Lotus Notes > Preferences), click Basic Notes Client Configuration, and then select Show extended accelerators under Additional options.

Lotus Notes menus

A way to find keyboard shortcuts is to refer to the menus in Lotus Notes. Most menu items show the equivalent keyboard shortcut to the right of the menu item or the letter of the keyboard shortcut underlined.