SAP application support on IBM Power Linux systems

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In 2004, the IBM Power Linux family of systems became the first virtualized Linux platform certified for SAP. SAP applications running on the IBM Power Linux platform provide superior performance and maintainability. SAP and IBM Power Linux systems can help you innovate, adapt, and compete.

SAP applications are certified on the following IBM Power systems running the Linux operating system on IBM PowerVM virtualization technology:

POWER8 Family

  • IBM Power Systems S8xx and S8xxL

POWER7 Family

  • IBM POWER 7xx - including IBM PowerLinux 7R1, 7R2 & 7R4
  • IBM Flex System p24L, p260, p270 & p460 (Power nodes)
  • IBM BladeCenter PSxx

POWER6 Family

  • IBM POWER 5xx
  • IBM i 5xx
  • IBM BladeCenter JS22
  • IBM BladeCenter JS21

POWER5 Family

  • IBM System p5 5xx
  • IBM System i5 5xx
  • IBM OpenPower 7xx

POWER4 Family

  • IBM eServer pSeries p6xx
  • IBM eServer iSeries i825, i870 and i890

PowerPC 970 Family

  • IBM BladeCenter JS20
  • IBM BladeCenter JS21

Power Systems supported adaptors and switches

SAP on Power Linux systems supports all adaptors, switches, and other parts that are supported by the IBM Power Systems family and Linux distributions.


  • Fibre Channel Directors, Switches and Hubs (requires Fibre Channel Adaptor)
  • Network cards
  • SCSI and RAID Adaptors
  • Multipath Storage Drivers
  • IBM TotalStorage DS4000 Linux RDAC multipath driver
  • Linux dm-multipath kernel module

Additional supported adapters

Disk Drives and Subsystems:


More information about SAP on IBM PowerLinux systems

As an entry point please see Getting started with the IBM PowerLinux Solution Edition for SAP Applications at

For SAP on Power Linux systems performance benchmarks, see the SAP SD Standard Application Benchmark Results at

More information about Linux on Power systems can be found at

For more information about SAP applications running on Linux, see

For a performance paper on Tuning SAP, see the IBM Blueprint: SAP 2-Tier Sales and Distribution Tunings for Linux on POWER7.

If you have questions regarding your specific configuration, contact IBM directly.