Tivoli Netcool-Impact as data set provider to widgets in DASH

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IBM Tivoli Netcool-Impact can act as a provider of data sets which can be used to populate widgets in DASH. We are providing a sample to showcase this

capability. The sample also focuses on fetching data form a DB and also focuses on the event propagation from one widget to another to show how an event like "NodeClickedOn" propagates from a table to a column chart. We are going to create dashboard which will have an "employee details" table containing information of employees in an organization and a column chart depicting the last three years ratings of those employees. To show the event propagation we will select one of the rows in the "employee details" table and see that the column charts  changes to reflect the rating of the selected employee.

DASH_NETCOOLIMPACT_1.0.0.zip contains a setup.pdf and provides steps on setting up the demo.