Wiki Tips and FAQs

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Please feel free to add in tips on viewing and editing the BigFix wiki.



Important Notes

  • Avoid changing the wiki page titles. The URL parameter is tied to the wiki page title. Changing the page title will cause broken links.
  • Avoid using a product name in the title. 
  • The wiki page title is case sensitive.
  • If a topic is already available in a Technote, Information Center/Knowledge Center, or an external "official" sites, please avoid putting the same information in the wiki. Best practice is to just add links to such references.
  • Verify that no confidential information is being published.
  • As a best practice, add the related wiki pages in their corresponding landing page/s. 
  • The BigFix wiki is a technical wiki. Please avoid publishing any sales/marketing materials.
  • If you have any questions or if you encounter problems, contact


Frequently Asked Questions


I want to contribute to the wiki. How can I request for editing rights?

Please send an email with the subject "IEM Wiki Access Request" to Please include your IBM ID and profile display name.


Which browser should I use to view the wiki?

Mozilla Firefox and Chrome works best.


The text and twisties (arrows) in the navigation pane are not displaying properly. What do I do?

This is a known bug. What is currently showing up in the live wiki navigation is incorrect. It should be fixed by July. 

As a workaround, try extending the width of the navigation pane. There is an invisible border that you can drag to resize the pane.


Is there still a way to subscribe to pages/comments without using a feed reader? In Connections v2.5, there were options that I could choose to receive email notifications. I don't see them in the preview for Connections v4. 

See the Following Actions twisty near the top of the content pane. These options replaced the notification options that are found in the earlier version of Connections.