TPM to TEM Automation

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The TPM to TEM Automation tool is a command-line tool that can be used to perform analyses on TPM workflows in order to help to migrate to TEM.

Currently the tool performs the following on a set of TPM Workflows:

1. Derives the workflow call hierarchy, identifying root workflows

It can derive the entire hierarchy showing all workflow calls, or it can be confined to showing only distinct workflow calls

2. Reports on components used in workflows

Scriptlets (to help to extract scripts that may need to be performed in actions, or downloaded to endpoints)

Device.Execute calls

java helper calls

File copy calls (to help convert to copy, upload, or download)

LDO (logical device operations)

All calls; includes calls to other workflows



Conversions of Workflow components to TEM action components


Automation Tool options:

usage: Workflow Analyzer

-f <arg> The folder containing the workflows to be analyzed

-h <arg> Help [show]

-r <arg> Report [all, scriptlet, execute, java, copy, or ldo]

-t <arg> Show the Workflow hierarchy tree [all or unique]


How to use:

Download the attached jar file

Put the workflows to be analyzed into a folder on your workstation

Execute the Automation Tool from the command line as follows:

The output is written to a file called WorkflowScan.txt in the same folder as the jar file.

Show the help:

java -jar C:\ -h show

Show the workflow hierarchy, all calls

java -jar C:\ -f c:\workflows -t all

Show the workflow hierarchy, unique calls

java -jar C:\ -f c:\workflows -t unique

Report the workflow scriptlet calls

java -jar C:\ -f c:\workflows -r scriptlet


Automation Tool: