Software Use Analysis

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IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis is an application for IBM Endpoint Manager customers which gathers information about installed software and hardware in a customer's infrastructure. It helps companies to assess if they are compliant with IBM and other software vendors' software licensing requirements. Starting from version 9.0, you can monitor PVU and RVU MAPC consumption of IBM products under full and subcapacity licenses. Software Use Analysis helps you to understand current license consumption, and to predict and plan future license consumption, and to optimize license costs.








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You need to detect software that is not available in the software catalog but do not know how to get started? Download the Customizing the software catalog guide and check out how easy it is to create new software signatures!

You are welcome to participate in the Software Use Analysis beta. For more information, visit the Open Beta Program Community

Subcapacity licensing is only available in a virtualized environment and is based on the PVUs made available to the licensed software. Check out our new SUA infographic related to capacity based licensing

To learn more about the requirements of the various versions of Software Use Analysis, visit the page All releases.



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3. Quick Start Guide

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