Software Use Analysis

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IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis is an application for IBM Endpoint Manager customers which gathers information about installed software and hardware in a customer's infrastructure. It helps companies to assess if they are compliant with IBM and other software vendors' software licensing requirements. Starting from version 9.0, you can monitor PVU and RVU MAPC consumption of IBM products under full and subcapacity licenses. Software Use Analysis helps you to understand current license consumption, and to predict and plan future license consumption, and to optimize license costs.








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Application update is available now

The update provides fixes for critical APARs and is recommended for all customers who are using SUA 9.2. For more information, click here.

19 May 2015

Live demo session

You're interested in what the SUA development team is working on? Join us at a live demo session, learn about the latest features, and solicit your feedback. The session will take place on 14th May at 11AM EDT. The topics that will be covered include counting PVU on KVMs and public clouds as well as coexistence of SUA 9 and LMT 9 within one IEM. For detailed agenda, see: To request dial-in numbers, write to 

12 May 2015

MustGather cheat sheet

You're looking for SUA logs and can't find them? Check out the MustGather cheat sheet.

12 May 2015

SUA 9.2 has been released!

This release brings you the possibility of installing SUA on Windows with the MSSQL database and migrating endpoints from SUA 2.2. It also expands the migration form LMT/TAD4D by supporting the migration from version 7.2.2 and adding the option to migrate scan groups and scan schedules. On top of that, it introduces improvements in the area of VM managers and solves a number of APARs! For a full content of this release, click here.

16 Mar 2015

Share your custom signatures with others!

The website provides the possibility of sharing custom signatures with other SUA users. You can export your own signatures and contribute them to the community. You can also browse through the signatures created by others and download the ones that you find useful. Share your work and get recognized at

23 Feb 2015

Software catalog explained

If you are still wondering how the SUA catalog works, and what software signatures are, check out the Software catalog overview. It provides a comprehensive explanation of the concepts related to the software catalog and describes how you can obtain signatures for software that is not in the catalog.

23 Feb 2015

  SUA 2.2 and SUA 9.x in one environment?

See the coexistence scenarios to learn how to combine different applications in one environment. Deploy 7.5 and 9.x side by side, or have both LMT and SUA in one IBM Endpoint Manager platform.

23 Feb 2015

Important: Potential problem with site subscriptions

The IEM team has identified an issue that might cause some subscriptions to sites to become invalid. This affects V9.1 and V9.2 of the root server, and only manifests under certain conditions.

We have published fixlet 1862 in BES Support (version 1193) that detects and remediates the issue. It will be fixed in the next platform path releases for 9.1 and 9.2. For more information, see