Server Automation FAQ

General and licensing

What are the benefits of Server Automation?

Are there examples of key use cases of Server Automation?

Is Server Automation dependent on other BigFix licenses?

What do I need to install?

Where can I get a list of supported software and versions?

How does Server Automation work?


After completing a gather, some image icons disappear from the user interface. What is wrong?

I scheduled an Automation Plan to run at a future date and time but the Automation Plan ran immediately.

I am seeing some warning signs on tabs in the Take Action dialog box. What's wrong?

A failure step ran for a step that has a Fixed state. How can this happen?

I am seeing intermittent console error messages. What is causing this?

I am getting an error when I try to run an automation plan with encrypted parameters. What is wrong?

When running an Automation Plan to patch nodes in a cluster, the plan gets stuck on the patching step. How can I fix this?

After disabling enhanced security, I encountered a certificate problem when using Take Action. What is wrong?

When using the Server Automation middleware content, after uploading a package, I couldn't find the package in Software Distribution. What is wrong?

When a step times out, prefetch download step action disappears from Automation Plan Action Status dashboard after the step has executed. Why does this happen?

I am upgrading the BES Server Plugin Service but I see in the logs that the Automation Plan Engine cannot start. What is causing this?

Error: unable to find public key to encrypt data - what is causing this?

I am seeing encryption errors. What is wrong?

I cannot run some WebSphere Application Server Tasks successfully on Windows 2012 and Windows 2012. Why is this?

On the Take Action screen, the applicability is not working for some steps in my plan. What is causing this?

I am having trouble scrolling on Server Automation V8.2. What is wrong?PowerVM computers showing as Inactive after upgrading a second management extender. What is causing this?

On Linux, Java core dumps are filling up disks. How can I correct this?

Installation and upgrade

What are the installation prerequisites? How do I get up and running?

I am having problems installing the Automation Plan Engine, how can I resolve the problems?

I cannot submit an automation plan with secure parameters and am receiving error messages. How can I resolve this?

Where is the Automation Plan Engine log file?

After installing the Automation Plan Engine, the engine restarts with an error in the installation log file. What is causing this?

How do I know if my Server Automation installation was successful?

How do I upgrade the Automaton Plan Engine?

Do I need to upgrade the Server Automation domain?

Installing the Automation Plan Engine fails if the BES Server Plugin Service cannot be restarted. Why is this?

I have completed an installation but the Automation Plan Engine will not start and the pe_console.log file is not created. What is causing this?

Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 only - after installing the Automation Plan Engine, I am getting an error message about 'instances' of Automation Plan Engine

Configuration and best practices

Do I need to configure the Automation Plan Engine?

How does the Automation Plan Engine work out when a step action has been processed?

I stopped an Automation Plan step action that was running. However, I noticed that the Automation Plan continued to run. How did this happen?

The Automation Plan Engine has shut down unexpectedly. Why has this happened?

Why is there a time lag between when I create an Automation Plan and it being available to the Automation Plan Engine?

Does Server Automation affect Endpoint Manager platform performance?

Endpoints in my deployment have been evaluating the relevance of Automation Plans, even though the Automation Plans are not designed to have any connection to these endpoints. How can I stop this?

Can I export an Automation Plan to another system?

My file downloads seem to be stuck in progress. What is wrong?


I am unable to access all of the virtualization content. What is wrong?

How can I create a template for creating Windows virtual machines that includes a TEM agent?

How can I create a template for creating Linux virtual machines that includes a TEM agent?

Why are my virtualization devices changing color and how can I control this behavior?

I am seeing duplicate virtual machine entries. What is causing this and how can I resolve it?

My concurrent virtualization requests are not being handled. Why is this?


Why can't I can't find log files for my locale on Linux?