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UPDATED: Access the tool that supports both SHA-1 and SHA-256 from here:

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When creating a Fixlet message action or custom action that downloads a file from the Internet or an untrusted source, it is always a good idea to verify that a checksum of the file matches a known value before running the file to ensure that you downloaded the correct unchanged file. The sha1.exe application will generate an action command that will verify the size and SHA1 checksum of a file. This action command can be pasted into the action of a Fixlet message so that the TEM Client can verify the checksum before the TEM Client executes the file.


The sha1 value in the action will also allow the TEM Server and TEM Relay to maintain a persistent cache of the downloaded files.

A "prefetch" statement can be generated using the sha1.exe file. Simply run the sha1.exe file with the argument "-r <filename>" from the command line.

For example:

C:\>sha1.exe -r package.exe

prefetch sha1.exe sha1:9370b0019a942400cfebfbdf15c107bbecdc8b0a

size:79360 http://EXAMPLEURL/REPLACEME.exe

You would then copy the result into a custom action or Fixlet action.


sha1.exe [-r|-s|-m|-b] [-c]


-r: Calculate Size/Sha1 and print out a prefetch style statement for 6.0+ style downloads (use this normally).

-s: Sha1 only.

-m: Sha1 in MIME format (hex-encoded and base-64).

-b: Calculate Size/sha1 and print out a prefetch block statment for 7.2+ style downloads.

-c: Puts the result string into you paste buffer so you don't need to copy/paste out of the command window.


TIP:   There is a third party freeware tool available on the web not supported by IBM that can be used to calculate CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512. For more information, see