Patching Windows clusters

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This document describes the high level requirements and scenarios for patching a Microsoft® Windows® cluster using IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation Fixlets.


Patching a Windows Cluster with IBM Endpoint Manager Fixlets

You can patch a Windows cluster using Server Automation Fixlets. Complete the procedure as part of an Automation Plan in the order described here.


The Windows Cluster control scripts must be installed on the target nodes in the cluster. You can install these scripts by running the 110 Install Windows Cluster Control Application Fixlet.

The supported operating systems are described in the Fixlet descriptions.

Note: The following procedure is designed for use with a cluster setup with a quorum configured for the following systems:

DiskWitness only (2012 systems)

NoMajority (Disk Only) (2008 systems)

Standard Quorum (2003 systems)

With this setup, the cluster remains operational as long as at least one of the nodes in the cluster is still running. If the quorum for the cluster is configured in any other way, ensure that when targeting the nodes in the cluster that half of the total nodes +1 are operational at any time. For example, if there are 20 nodes in the cluster, 11 nodes (10 +1) nodes must be operational at any one time. If there are 16 nodes in the cluster, 9 nodes (8 +1) must be operational at any one time. Otherwise, the cluster stops working. The cluster does not resume functioning correctly until more than half the nodes have resumed the cluster service and the cluster is unavailable until this time.

Complete the following steps to patch a cluster:

  1. Pause the node in the cluster that you want to patch. Run Fixlet 112 to pause the node on Windows 2003 and Fixlet 116 to pause on Windows 2008 and 2012.
  2. Move any groups on the node to another node. Use Fixlet 114 to Move groups. 
  3. Patch/update the node as required.
  4. Resume the node. To resume on Windows 2003, use Fixlet 113. To resume on Windows 2008 or Windows 2012, use Fixlet 115.
  5. Repeat this process for the remaining nodes in the cluster.





One or more servers working together which appear to the end user as one entity to provide a platform to run applications/services. The system of clustering provides a backup/reserve capability for the applications running on the cluster providing backup.


One server or unit member of a cluster. A cluster is made up from a number of nodes.


A container for resources. Resources that have a link or dependency on each other must be in the same group.


The lowest entity managed by a cluster. Some resources can have a dependency on others and require other resources to be online before they come on line. This is sometimes built in as some resources are integral to a cluster being formed and maintaining functionality. These resources are created and grouped by the Windows cluster management application.


The quorum is a set of files used by the cluster to maintain the cluster. The quorum is integral to a cluster functioning. The quorum contains the configuration files used by the cluster to ensure the cluster is maintained in an operational state.

Quorum Configuration

Describes how the quorum is setup in the cluster. A cluster may have one quorum configuration per cluster.

For more information see the following resources:

Windows 2003 systems

Windows 2008 systems

Windows 2012 systems


The process of groups being moved off a node to another node in the event of a failure of the node the resource is currently running on.

Node Up/active

In this state a node can receive and run groups from another node and participate fully in all clustering functions and is available to receive groups in the event of a failure of another node in the cluster.

Pause/Paused Node

Pause Node brings the Node into a paused state. While a node is paused the clustering service is still running on the node, however, the node will no longer accept any new groups onto the node and therefore is not available in a failover situation. The node will still run any groups on the node prior to it being paused.

Resume Node

Resuming a node restarts the clustering service on the node and changes the node from a paused/down state to an Node Up state.

Node Down

If a node is down it is no longer running the cluster service and is not available for any clustering activity. It is not available to run any applications or services for the cluster. Any groups running on the node before it goes down will have failed over onto a different node.

Move Group

A move group command moves groups off the node the command is run against to another available node in the cluster. Other nodes must be available for this command to work successful.