Manual Relay Selection

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Follow the steps in this guide to configure your endpoints to manually select parent relays.


Before you begin you will first want to have a good idea of how you intend the relay architecture to look with the machines you have in the deployment.  A pencil and a piece of paper or a tool (such as Visio) should be used to map out the structure of the intended BigFix relay architecture of your deployment.

A relay architecture typically looks like an upside down tree.  At the root is the main BigFix Server machine.  Below the BigFix Server are a series of top level relays.  If the deployment is not distributed and is pretty flat, that is all the relays you may need (maximum of 1000 clients per relay and only relays assigned to the main server).  However if your deployment is distributed and there are remote office locations that communicate back to the data center across WAN links (for instance) you will want to consider having local level relays at each of the remote office locations and assign these local level relays back to the top level relays.

The clients execute the Automatic Relay Selection process in the following order attempting to connect to relays:

  1. The primary relay is attempted first (__RelayServer1 client setting on the endpoint)
  2. The secondary relay is attempted next if attempt with primary relay fails (__RelayServer2 client setting on the endpoint)
  3. After that, the entries on the failover list are attempted in order as they are on the list (_BESClient_RelaySelect_FailoverRelayList client setting on the endpoint, see BigFix Configuration Settings)
  4. Lastly, if all previous attempts of the client to connect to a relay have failed, the client attempts to connect back to the main BigFix Server (or the name of the machine in the deployment masthead, which is tied to the BigFix Server machine).

To configure manual relay selection for clients; in the console,

  1. Select the computers from the list of computers, right click on them, and choose Edit Computer Settings...
  2. Check Relay Selection Method, Set Relays Manually
  3. Choose the Primary Relay
  4. Choose a Secondary Relay (optional)
  5. Check Custom Setting and enter in the failover relay list setting and values of the relay hosts to try in order (optional)