Installing RXA for IBM Endpoint Manager

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You can use Server Automation content to install RXA on a system on which the IBM® BigFix agent is installed. RXA allows you to use that system as an intermediary to execute BigFix functionality on a different system, one that does not have the BigFix agent installed, for example, Linux embedded targets. For the current release, you must install RXA on a Windows system.

Before you begin

Ensure that the endpoints that you are planning to perform RXA actions against are capable of receiving RXA commands. Make sure that these endpoints are not secured to a point where no communication can be established. For example, the sshd daemon in the case of a Unix systems should be running and accessible.

You can install RXA on BigFix versions 9.0, 9.1, and 9.2.

Complete the following steps to install RXA on a Microsoft® Windows® system:

  1. Open the BigFix console.
  2. Search for Fixlet 120 Install TEM RXA Tool v8.2.1.
  3. Target the Microsoft® Windows® system on which you want to install RXA.
  4. Click OK. After the installation is completed, an Applications folder is created in the Bes Client\Applications and you can review the contents of the installation in the Bes Client\Applications\IEM_RXA_8.2.

To uninstall RXA, delete the Applications folder.