Four Eyes Approval Capability

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Enabling Four Eyes Approval Capability on the TEM Server



The Four Eyes Approval feature is used to prevent console operators from unilaterally taking actions on the endpoints within their control. After this feature is enabled, operators taking console actions will require the approval of a console operator who is also a member of a specified "approvers" Role.


Only System Administrators and Master Operators with access to the Site Administrator Private Key Password can access and configure this feature.

How to use it

Follow the steps below to enable this feature in your deployment:

  1. To open the TEM Administration Tool, click the Start menu on your computer and select Tivoli Endpoint Manager>Tivoli Endpoint Manager Administration Tool.
  2. When the tool dashboard opens, click the Advanced Options tab and Click Add.


  3. In the Name field, type “useFourEyesAuthentication”; in the Value field, type “true”; and then click OK.


  4. Click OK to exit the TEM Administration Tool.
  5. Restart the BES Root Server service on your TEM server and restart the TEM Console.
  6. From the Console, click the Tools>Create Role.


  7. Enter a name for the role (e.g., Approvers) and click OK . Note: The Role does not require any additional/special permissions.

  8. Make one or more TEM operators members of the role. Note: the TEM Operators can be Local or AD/LDAP.

  9. Click the Operators node in the Console navigation tree. This will open an Action window. In the Details tab, select the Actions Require Approval check box and select the role created in the previous step from the drop-down list.


  10. Click Save Changes at the top of the window.

NOTE: Do not require approval from your own console actions. As a best practice, ensure that another Master Operator sets this option for you.