FillDB Perflog Analyzer

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Publisher: Vinh Dao (

Download v3.0.3.40 (1.5 MB)

This analyzer will take the FillDB Performance Data log and compile the information into an easly understood summary table.


C:\>BESPerfLogParser.exe -?



Command Line Arguments

Optional Arguments:

-h : Displays this help message

-? : Displays this help message

-help : Displays help message for installing this tool as a service.

-f : Runs in silent mode.  No standard output and script runs automatically to completion.

-l : Sends standard out to logfile created in the directory of this application with name BESPerfLogParser.log

-L <Folder> : Specify a folder to create logs in. Do not include a file name.

Sample calls:

BESPerfLogParser -?

BESPerfLogParser -l

BESPerfLogParser -l -L "C:\Temp"

Note:** You must enable the performance logging by configuring the following registry key:


HKEY_Local_Machine\SOFTWARE\(Wow6432Node\)BigFix\Enterprise Server\FillDB :: PerformanceDataPath


You will need to configure this value with the full path to your log file.  For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\Logs\FillDBPerf.log

Note:  The file to be analyzed must be named FillDBPerf.log