Excluding Proxy Agents using Relevance

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Proxy Agent

Since the release of the IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices that supports Android, Apple iOS and other devices, TEM installations may include proxy agents in order to support these new devices.

Existing Fixlet sites' site relevance was therefore modified to exclude these devices and prevent unnecessary content gathering, storing, and processing.


Many fixlets contain the following relevance in order to exclude proxy agents from executing:


(if exists property "in proxy agent context" then ( not in proxy agent context ) else true )

This ensures that proxy agents will not try to execute the fixlet.


TEM Console

The following screen-shot from the list of computers in the TEM Console displays endpoints by real agent as well as proxy agent, e.g. EP14-OS and EP14 refer to the same virtual endpoint.below.

When managing virtual machines it may be convenient to use a different name for the endpoint to distinguish in your dispay the endpoint as reported by the real TEM agent and the TEM proxy agent.

Also note the computer icon next to the endpoints reporting through the real agent.