Deploying Agents

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There are several different techniques for installing the agent on remote computers, including the Client Deploy Tool, login scripts, non-IBM utilities and manual installation. After the agents are installed, upgrades and other maintenance tasks can be automated with Fixlet messages.

Client Deployment Tool

The IBM Endpoint Manager Agent Deployment Wizard is the most recent release. This stand-alone wizard is the preferred tool for non Windows operating systems but it also supports Windows and can deploy to a larger variety of operating systems. To learn more, and to download the wizard, click the following link:

BigFix Agent Deployment Wizard (stand-alone)

If you want to deploy agents from within the IBM Endpoint Manager console, see Windows Agent Deployment Tasks (Console) and RHEL Agent Deployment Tasks (Console) for more information.

The following tool is being deprecated, but is still available to use:

Unix, Linux, and Mac Client Deploy Tool