DSA Disaster Recovery

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The procedures for DSA Disaster Recovery has moved to the product documentation.


When recovering a lost DSA Server, all top-level TEM relays (and therefore the entire deployment) should already be pointing to the remaining DSA Server. It is recommended to leave all relays/clients reporting up to the working DSA Server during this entire recovery procedure. If your existing relay settings do not allow this, you may want to isolate the server being restored on the network such that only the working DSA Server can connect to it.


To restore a single TEM DSA Server in the event of a unrecoverable DSA Server failure on Windows and Linus systems, see the following topics:

DSA Recovery on Windows Systems

DSA Recovery on Linux Systems

These procedures do not cover the event of total DSA Server loss. If all DSA Servers are lost, standard practice for a single server restore should be followed as documented in the Disaster Recovery Overview.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to restore the failed server entirely from backup. Due to the complexity of DSA replication we recommend that you build a new server with the same FQDN and follow the steps below.