Client Compliance API

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The Client Compliance API for IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) allows IBM partners and integrators to expose the results of an endpoint inspection conducted by the IEM Client to their own logic embedded in 3rd-party clients executing on the client machine.

The Client Compliance API is built into IEM Client for Windows.  Once installed, it is registered as a Microsoft COM interface.  The DLL containing the API is located at C:\Program Files [(x86)]\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client\BESClientComplianceMod.dll. 

The Client Compliance API is also available for UNIX and Mac OS X clients.

The latest documentation version is for version 7.x but is also applicable and current for 8.x/9.x clients.

Relevance statements to be evaluated by the Client Compliance API are formatted as an XML document, an example of which is contained in the Client Compliance Kit download (see below).

The Client Compliance Kit contains:

  • PDF documentation
  • Masthead for the BES Client Compliance Configuration site containing a Wizard (Windows-only) to help create and distribute the XML formatted Client Compliance document
  • Sample programs in C++, C#, and VBScript
  • Sample ComplianceDoc.xml document

Download the BESClientComplianceKit


  • The Mac OS X compliance API binary is included in DMG for the Mac IEM Client