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Administrators can integrate the power of the IBM Endpoint Manager platform with other systems or workflows within an organization by leveraging the COM-based platform API through almost any programming language, thus enabling administrators to perform almost any TEM Console function securely without having to log into the console directly:

· Dynamically create new content such as Fixlet/Task Messages, Baselines, Properties, Analyses, Computer groups, etc.
· Dynamically create new single actions, multi-action groups, or baselines that can be targeted to either a single device or a group of devices

The BESImportFile command-line utility allows Administrators to expose the functionality of the Platform API without the need to create or modify custom programs. Since any Console content or Actions can be defined within an XML formatted file, the utility enables Administrators to import content or actions directly into the Console from the command line or through any scripting language. To create these XML files, Administrators can export existing content and actions using the Console File > Export… option or dynamically generate new content and action XML documents through any script or program. Documentation available from the links at the bottom of this page describes the format of the Action or Content XML file.


**Quick Start

**Using the BESImportFile utility to expose the functionality of the Platform API requires three simple steps:

1. Download and Install the Platform API
2. Create an XML Document to define the content or action
3. Download and Execute the BESImportFile Utility


Download and install the Platform API

1. Download and execute the Platform API installer that matches the version of the TEM Server in your deployment
2. Although the Platform API can be run from any computer, it will be easiest to install it to the TEM Server itself for this exercise.


Create an Action or Content XML document

For the purposes of this exercise, use an exported XML document from the Console.
1. Create a simple action in the console, for instance, create a "blank action" using Tools > "Take Custom Action".
2. Export the action to a local folder by right-clicking on the action in the console and selecting "Export" (example "C:\BigFixAPI\testaction.bes").
3. Open the testaction.bes file in a text or XML editor, change the title of the action by modifying the appropriate field in the XML, and save the file.


Download and execute the BESImportFile utility

1. Using the link below, download the respective version of the BESFileImport tool for your deployment to a local folder, for example "C:\BigFixAPI"

9.0 and 8.2 deployments use BESImportFile-1.3.exe while 8.1, 8.0 and 7.2 Deployments use BESImportFile.exe


2. From a command prompt, key in the appropriate syntax for the version of BESImportFile you are using:


9.0 and 8.2 Deployments:
BESImportFile-1.3.exe <server> <username> <password> <bes file path> [<custom site name>]
(Note that the username/password are the same credentials used to log into the TEM Console.)


Example: besimportfile-1.3.exe admin p@ssw0rd "C:\BigFixAPI\testaction.bes"


Note:  When executing the BESImportFile script from a console machine that is different than the main server, be sure to specify the fully qualified domain name of the server as well as the port, for example:


Example: BESImportFile-1.3.exe admin p@ssword "C:\BigFixAPI\testaction.bes"
8.1, 8.0 and 7.2 Deployments:
BESImportFile.exe <username> <password> <dsn> <private key path> <bes file path> [<custom site name>]


Example: besimportfile.exe admin p@ssw0rd bes_bfenterprise "C:\BES Keys\username\publisher.pvk" "C:\BigFixAPI\testaction.bes"
After the utility completes, you should see your action with the updated title listed in the Actions node of the TEM Console. Within a few mintues, any computer relevant to the action should report the expected action status.


Platform API Downloads












Import File



Platform API Documentation

Support and assistance for using the Platform API is not directly covered by IBM support. However, you can use the IBM User Forum for more information and examples.