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Note: This tool is compatible on IEM versions 8.2 or earlier only.

Download - Version (3.13 MB)

Download - Version (3.13 MB)

Download - Version (3.13 MB)

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The TEM Server keeps a historical log of TEM Clients reporting to the server in a file named 'registrationlist.txt' which can be found in the following location on the TEM Server: c:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\ClientRegisterData

If this file get to be too large, like over 10MB, it's possible to see high memory usage or slowdowns on the TEM Root Server.

You can reduce the size of the registrationlist.txt file by running the BESRegistrationListCleaner utility on the TEM Server. The utility stops the TEM Root Server service, removes registration entries for computer which have not registered in 30 days, and then starts the TEM Root Server service. The tool also needs to connect to the database to update the database with information about computers that have been removed from the registration list.

For more help, and other commands you can run the command:

BESregistrationlistcleaner -h

which should look like this:

BESregistrationlistcleaner -h



BESRegistrationListCleaner is a utility for cleaning out a registration list on the TEM Server which has become too large. It only removes entries which are over 30 days old (by default). It connects to the BFEnterprise database to mark deleted computers for refresh if a deleted computer reports in again. It may also be run on the TEM Relay.

Command Line Arguments

Optional Arguments:

-h : Displays this help message

-? : Displays this help message

-help : Displays help message for installing this tool as a service.

-f : Runs in silent mode. No standard output and script runs automatically to completion.

-l : Sends standard out to logfile created in the directory of this application with name BESregistrationlistcleaner.log

-L : Specify a folder to create logs in. Do not include a file name.

-d : Used to specify a DSN to connect to the TEM Database with. Defaults to bes_bfenterprise if not specified

-u : Used to specify a username for SQL authentication to the database.

-p : Used to specify a password for SQL authentication to the database.

-t : Interval in days. Computers not registered in the interval are removed.

-r : Specify a registration list, defaults to the registration list on the TEM Server.

-D : Do not attempt to connect or update the database. Running the tool on a TEM Relay automatically causes the tool not to connect to the database.

-R : Create a report of the registration list including license gaps and IP Addresses reoccurring. The registrationlist will not be modified.

-n : Specifies the number of IP Addresses to report on (see the -R flag). Default is 10.

-c : Removes all registrations from the given IP Address. Useful for clearing out large number of registration entries from a single host.

Sample calls:

BESregistrationlistcleaner -h

BESregistrationlistcleaner -l

BESregistrationlistcleaner -l -L "C:\Temp"

BESregistrationlistcleaner -d database_dsn -u database_user -p database_password-R -n 10

BESregistrationlistcleaner -c