AirGap Visual Guide

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AirGap Visual Guide

The BigFix Airgap tool is installed in the BigFix Enterprise\BES Server directory by default. However, you can also download the tool for your specific version of BigFix from 

The BESAirgapTool.exe tool must be initially run from the BigFix Enterprise directory otherwise it will throw one of following errors:

First, double click on the BESAirgapTool.exe

Click OK.

The tool runs and generates the .dll files (needed for running the tool from the USB drive going forward [NOTE: these files are necessary to run the tool outside of the BES Server directory.] and generates the request.xml file.

Bring these files over to a machine (that does not have a BigFix Server installed on it) and that has access to the Internet

Double click the BESAirgapTool.exe file again to have the tool process the request.xml file.

The request.xml file is consumed and replaced with an AirgapResponse file.

Bring the files (now with the AirgapResponse file) back over to the BigFix Server.


Double click the BESAirgapTool.exe tool.

The file is consumed and imported into the database.


Check the console (refresh and clear cache and restart if needed) for the newly imported content.