Admin Portal Installation

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Admin Portal Installation


The Mobile Device Management Admin Portal is a web interface that gives administrators access to view and perform a subset of management tasks on iOS and Android devices they control.  The purpose of the Admin Portal is to provide access to managed devices when the IBM Endpoint Manager Console is not available, or when the full features of the console are not necessary.  The Admin Portal requires IBM Endpoint Manager version 9.0 or later.

In its first release, in Mobile Device Management 2.2, the Admin Portal operates similarly to the Self Service Portal, or SSP.  The key difference is that the Admin Portal allows administrators to view and control multiple devices; the SSP is designed to give device owners some management capabilities over a single device.


Installing an Admin Portal


In order to use an Admin Portal, your Mobile Device Management deployment must contain an Enrollment and Apple iOS Management Extender.  In addition, one or more iOS or Android devices must be enrolled through the extender.

To install an Admin Portal, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Mobile Device Management Site > Setup and Configuration > Manage Components > Deploy MDM Components.
  2. Select Fixlet #175 Deploy MDM Admin Portal and click Take Action.
  3. Select a target computer and click OK.


Using an Admin Portal


Admin Portals can be accessed by navigating to the computer the Admin Portal is hosted on.  Using a browser, navigate to one of the following URLs:

  • If the computer hosting the Admin Portal is also hosting either an Enrollment and Apple iOS Management Extender or a Self Service Portal, navigate to https://<hostname>/ap where <hostname> is the hostname of the computer the admin portal is installed on.
  • Otherwise, navigate to https://<hostname>.

Enter an operator’s username and password to view the devices managed by that operator.