About scanners

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SUA 2.0 provides two complementary scanners - Tivoli Software Inventory Tool and the Common Inventory Technology Scanner to get the full software inventory.

The high-level differences between the former and latter is how the scan is running and where scan results are parsed out and matched against the software titles stored in the software catalog.


Scanner Deployment method
Tivoli Software Inventory Tool Runs the raw filesystem scan and collects the file names matching predefined set of file masks to upload into SUA server as the software correlation engine input.
Common Inventory Technology Scanner

Runs the raw file system scan and has capability of interrogating other data to correlate against subset of the software catalog distributed to the endpoint.

It looks both at the file names as well as the file headers or registry data, all of that at the endpoint level.


For the full discovery coverage, one needs to run both scanners, which has a effect of having the endpoint's file system scanned twice.

Both scanners return software inventory data, although using different format. The SUA server combines those two data streams, which produces the final software inventory.

For information on deploying the scanners, see here