Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases

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This page includes documentation links for IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager for Databases.

IBM Knowledge Center and Information Centers

Product documentation includes instructions for installing, configuring, and completing all the major tasks with the product. The following versions of the product documentation are available.

Tip: Information centers are being redirected to IBM Knowledge Center over the next few months. Addresses for information center pages will be redirected to the corresponding pages in IBM Knowledge Center.

IBM Knowledge Center consolidates product documentation from all IBM information centers. It's ready for you to use now. To learn more about IBM Knowledge Center:


Tivoli communities provide a place where product users, IBM business partners, and IBM developers can read and contribute product information. The following community sites are available:

  • Tivoli Storage Manager Wiki: The Tivoli Storage Manager wiki includes best practices, scenarios, and shared experiences with using the product.
  • Storage Management community in Service Management Connect: Communities provide a place where you can read and participate in blogs, forums, and wikis, and find featured articles for your products.
  • The Tivoli User Community (TUC) is sponsored by IBM with world-wide participation from a large group of professionals who use Tivoli products. The Storage Management zone in this community includes blogs and forums for discussion and collaboration, and links to web seminars, white papers, and other content from Tivoli.


Demos and Tutorials

IBM Redbooks Publications


  • Technotes: IBM Tivoli technotes include key information for troubleshooting problems with the product.
  • Flashes: IBM Tivoli flashes include key support updates about the product.