Virtual IO Server supported environments

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The Virtual I/O Server is part of the PowerVM Editions hardware feature. Virtual I/O Server allows sharing of physical resources between LPARs including virtual SCSI and virtual networking. This allows more efficient utilization of physical resources through sharing between LPARs and facilitates server consolidation. EMC is now a recognized storage subsystem.

Storage subsystems support

Specific models of the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS)

-2105 Enterprise Storage Server (models 800, 750, Fxx)

-2107 Model 921 IBM TotalStorage DS8100

-2107 Model 922 IBM TotalStorage DS8300

-2107 Model 9A2 IBM TotalStorage DS8300

-2107 Model 92E IBM TotalStorage DS8000 Expansion Unit

-2107 Model 9AE IBM TotalStorage DS8000 Expansion Unit

-1750 Model 511 IBM TotalStorage DS6800

-1750 Model EX1 IBM TotalStorage DS6000 Expansion Unit

IBM TotalStorage DS Family of disk storage systems

-DS4100 (FAStT100)

-DS4300 (FAStT600)

-DS4400 (FAStT700)

-DS4500 (FAStT900)

-FAStT200 Storage Server

-FAStT500 Storage Server

IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller

Under-the-cover IBM parallel SCSI devices

Recognized Storage Subsystems

Virtual I/O Server PMRs will be addressed for selected configurations which include specific models of the following disk subsystems:


Customers with EMC storage should request an RPQ from EMC for VIOS implementations.

Operating Systems

IBM Virtual I/O Server can provide virtual I/O resources to client partitions for the following operating systems:

-AIX 5.3

-SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 for POWER

-Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS for POWER Version 3 (update 2 or newer)

-Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS for POWER Version 4

- IBM i 6.1, 6.1.1, 7.1

*Note: AIX 5.3 is the only applicable client operating system for use with the Recognized Storage Subsystems(above section) at this time.

Host Software

Supported on the IBM Virtual I/O Server:

-AIX Mulipath I/O (MPIO)

-IBM TotalStorage Multipath Subsystem Device Driver (SDD v1602) - for ESS

-IBM TotalStorage Multipath Subsystem Device Driver (SDDPCM v2101) - for ESS

-IBM TotalStorage Multipath Subsystem Device Driver (SDD v1602) - for SVC


SAN switches

Selected models from the following suppliers:





*The list of switches above refers to specific switch vendors. It should be noted that VIOS SAN configurations that include switches should utilize an IBM switch machine type model, or the equivalent vendor model and firmware level.

*Not all Recognized Storage Subsystems(above section) acknowledge configurations with all of the switch vendors listed. Verify switch models and machine types with your IBM representative or Business Partner.

End-to-end solutions

VIOS attached storage Storage software running on the VIOS MPIO supported on the AIX client


SDD (2) NO (1)


SAN Volume Controller SDD (2) NO (1)

EMC PowerPath (2) YES

MPIO (default PCM) YES

1 - not supported at this time

2 - Virtual disk devices created in certain non-MPIO VIOS environments may require a migration effort in the future. This migration may include a complete back-up and restore of all data on affected devices. See the VIOS FAQ on the VIOS website for additional detail.