Systems Director Management Console (SDMC)

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May 2012: The IBM® Systems Director Management Console (SDMC) has been withdrawn from marketing and can no longer be ordered. For customers who have installed the SDMC, an MES is available to convert it to an HMC.

What is SDMC?

From the announce letter:

IBM Systems Director Management Console (SDMC) V6.7.3 is the next-generation Hardware Management Console (HMC). The SDMC incorporates the IBM Systems Director software to provide consistency with IBM Systems Director on other platforms. The SDMC is available on physical hardware that is identical to that of the current HMC with additional memory and disk resources. SDMC is also available in a virtual appliance format for managing small-tier servers. The SDMC offers several advantages over the HMC, including the ability to manage both Power Systems servers and Power Systems blades based on Power Architecture®.

This wiki page contains information to help you get started using SDMC in your environment, and will be updated as additional information becomes available.

There are several sources of information about the SDMC on the Web:

The SDMC Announcement Letter

The SDMC Information Center

The SDMC Redbook

IBM Systems Magazine article

SDMC Forum on developerWorks


Tutorials for Common SDMC Tasks

Click a link below to download a Microsoft Word format document containing instructions and screen capture images, to help you understand how to perform common SDMC tasks. If there is no link for a particular topic, check back later. We will be adding more tutorials over time.

Appliance Management

Create users with restricted access to resources

Configure SDMC for LDAP authentication

Systems Management

Add a managed system (host) to the SDMC

Create Virtual Servers

Video: Create a Virtual Server

Perform DLPAR operations using the SDMC

Code Update

Update the SDMC

Update managed server firmware


Manage serviceable events

Set up Call Home using the SDMC

Technotes on the IBM Support site

The first link below performs a site search for all available articles related to SDMC. Other links point to specific articles that may be of general interest.

Show all SDMC-related technotes

How to Discover a New Server

How to Configure Electronic Service Agent (call home) on SDMC

How to have SDMC notify you of events via e-mail

How to perform a firmware update on a managed system

How to import server firmware updates using internet, FTP, USB, etc.

How to view current firmware levels on all managed systems

How to override defaults set by the Create Virtual Server wizard (e.g., processor/memory min/max)

Other Demos and How-to Articles

PartnerWorld Video on How to Build an SDMC Software Appliance on VMware ESXi