Performance Tools

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Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) Performance Advisor

The VIOS advisor is an application that runs within VIOS for a user specified amount of time (hours), which polls and collects key performance metrics before analyzing results and providing a health check report and proposes changes to the environment or areas to investigate further.


PowerVM Virtualization Performance Advisor

The PowerVM Virtualization Performance Advisor diagnoses performance issues within PowerVM partitions. The Advisor runs within an AIX partition (dedicated or shared), analyzes performance characteristics, and provides a health check report. The user defines how long the tool runs.


Java Performance Advisor (JPA)

Missing image The JPA Tool provides recommendations to improve the performance of Java/WAS applications running on AIX. The recommendations are based on Java tuning best practices. JPA uses the following criteria as factors to determine the recommendations:



This article gives a brief overview of methods used for performance measurement and also explains in detail, a new feature in lparstat


Programming CPU utilization

This article gives a brief introduction on the new interfaces provided in the latest AIX releases which can be used to calculate utilization easily. Also, it has sample codes for reference.

Processor Utilization and Tools FAQ

This article discusses more about how the processor utilization is calculated and how the different metrics are interpreted. This would be updated as kind of FAQ which will get updated regularly. For any questions contact