HMC remote client

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Web-based System Manager on Linux is only supported on intel based platform. However, if you wish to make it running on ppc, it's possible!! Just follow the steps:

-first perform a normal install on an intel box running linux (remember you can get the installshield from your hmc: http://yourhmc/remote_client.html) -copy the newly created folder /opt/websm on your ppc machine

Then, on your ppc machine: -in your /etc/profile, add /opt/websm/bin to your PATH environment variable:

      export PATH

-still in /etc/profile, create a new environment variable called WSMDIR:

      export WSMDIR

-install a java JRE for ppc (like IBMJava2-JRE-ppc-1.4.2-0.0)

=> this should create a folder jre in /usr/lib/java/

-in /opt/websm , remove the folder _jvm and create a symbolic link to your java for ppc:

      rm /opt/websm/_jvm
      ln -s /usr/lib/java/jre /opt/websm/_jvm      (adjust with your environment!)

-start wsm !!!

wsm &

That's all!

Thanks to Olivier Merlet