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Virtualization Business Reasons and Resources

Virtualization Business Reasons

"Most people will tell you that virtualization is about saving money. And that's true. By virtualizing resources you can increase the utilisation of your server and storage inventory, reduce your space requirements, and even reduce your software costs. But that's not the real benefit.

What virtualization is really about is improving time to market by allowing the IT department to be more responsive to the demands of the business. Virtualization allows new services to be created without the provision of new infrastructure - you simply share what you already have. New services can be created within minutes rather than weeks, enabling you to respond instantly to changes in the market. And there's more. Because services use virtual resources they can be deleted just as easily as they can be created, and the resources they use simply go back into the pool for redeployment. What this means is that you can capture short-term market opportunities without making capital investment. You can take more risks and be more agile.

Virtualization is also about regaining control. In the virtualized world you no longer have to justify capital expenditure on the basis of individual projects. By taking a corporate view of capacity requirements you can simplify the whole procurement process, take advantage of economies of scale to secure more favourable discount structures and even move towards utility-based charging models.

Virtualization is really about changing the way that you do business."

Ecosystem Development

The following programs are part of the System p Virtualization ecosystem development initiative.

BP and ISVs

Advanced POWER Virtualization FREE to IBM Business Partners for demo / development purposes

IBM Business Partners can now order Advanced POWER Virtualization (APV) at $0 licence price and $60 / CPU for software maintenance. This offer only applies to Business Partners using APV on demo / development machines and is subject to the terms and conditions of the Demo Development discount as stated in the IBM Business Partner Agreement for pSeries.

For more information, please contact your pSeries Developer Representative.

IBM Ready for Virtualization Engine Program

ISVs are invited to participate in an exciting new technical validation program called Ready For Virtualization Engine. This program is free of charge and offers substantial marketing benefits. Participation in the program requires the ISV to certify that their solution has been successfully tested with one or more of the Virtualization Engine suite of products (such as Advanced POWER Virtualization).

Program Benefits Include:

  • Use of Ready for Logo: Once your solution is validated, you can display the Ready for IBM Virtualization Mark in the packaging and marketing materials of your qualified offerings giving customers confidence that your solution has been fully tested on one or more of the IBM Virtualization technologies
  • Listing in Global Solutions Directory: Your solution will also be listed in IBM's Global Solution Directory, providing additional marketing opportunities and giving clients piece of mind in your offering
  • Wide Exposure to Customers and External Audiences: As a validated solution on one or more of our Virtualization technologies, your company will gain wide exposure to IBM sales teams and customers at various external events throughout the year

Click here for more information (Partnerworld ID required)

Education and Certification

Virtualization Certified Engineer

IBM has released a new certification program: IBM Certified Systems Expert IBM System p5 Virtualization Technical Support AIX 5L v5.3

This certification provides companies with an added degree of confidence that their technician is highly qualified to determine customer and business requirements for virtualization. They are experts in planning, designing, implementing, managing and troubleshooting System p5 Virtualization solutions.


Customer References

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