AIX performance documentation

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Performance Documentation

Here is a starter pack that you started in understanding AIX performance.

Sorry but there is no short cuts to learning performance skills.
Doc-Type Title Comments
Microsoft Word POWER7 Virtualization Best Practice Guide Recommended best practices to attain best LPAR performance
PDF document POWER7 Performance Best Practices A brief checklist of recommendations when migrating to POWER7  
PDF document 100 Gb Ethernet Adapter Performance Best Practices 100 Gb Ethernet adapter performance best practices for AIX - authored by Bernie King-Smith's team
PDF document IBM Power Systems Performance Report All the official performance numbers and industry benchmarks for current and older hardware.
Web Article AIX 5 performance series: CPU monitoring and tuning CPU bottlenecks and improving performance
Redbook Understanding IBM pSeries Performance and Sizing First port of call for learning AIX Performance
Redbook Advanced POWER Virtualization on IBM eServer p5 Servers: Architecture and Performance Considerations IBM p5 Performance Considerations on POWER5 Architecture, Micro-Partitioning, Virtual SCSI, Virtual Ethernet and PLM Implementation
Redbook Database Performance on AIX in the DB2 UDB and Oracle Environments Excellent for tuning databases on top of AIX
Redbook AIX 5L Performance Tools Handbook Look here before reading the manuals
AIX Online Manual The AIX Performance Management Guide Very good base information. Good luck finding it in InfoCenter, but it is there somewhere Here is an early version of the Guide (for AIX V5.1.)
Web Article Setting up AIX Workload Manager in 30 minutes Excellent starter pack for WLM
Web Article Methods for Detecting Memory Leaks in AIX Systems Provides tools and techniques that can be used to isolate a memory leak in AIX process/application.
Web Article VMM Tuning Tip: Protecting Computational Memory This document provides guidance to tune the VMM to protect computational memory. How to tune maxclient%, maxperm%, lru_file_repage, strict_maxperm and strict_maxclient.
Web Article Understanding DIO & CIO This document provides information on DIO and CIO, and provides tools to assistance in detecting problems with CIO and DIO.
Web Article Understanding Processor Utilization on POWER Systems - AIX Article explains how the processor utilization is calculated and need to be interpreted on POWER 5, 6 and 7 architectures

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