What's new in release 2.1

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IBM SmartCloud Provisioning 2.1 goes far beyond the iaas capabilities of the previous version. The key improvement is the capability to do platform as a service.

To support that as well as to extend the hypervisors and hypervisor managers coverage, the provisioning engine has been enhanced and extended. The core engine of SmartCloud Provisioning 1.2 is now represented in the new release as one of the possible cloud groups on which you can do virtual images deployments. This cloud group is named High Scale Low Touch.

Here below you can see an high level view of IBM SMartCloud Provisioning 2.1 architecture:

So IBM SmartCloud Provisioning 2.1 is made up of four components: the workload deployer, virtual image library, image construction and composition tool and High Scale Low Touch hypervisor manager. Each of the component can be installed and used independently from each other if needed.


This is the list of new functions available with IBM SmartCloud Provisioning 2.1:

New hypervisors and hypervisor managers support:

  • VMware vCenter hypervisor manager

  • IBM System Director VMControl for deployment of PowerVM images

  • Microsoft Hyper-V

New and enhanced capability:

  • Pattern creation and deployment: with a simple drag and drop mechanism it is possible to create patterns representing middleware topologies and deploy them with a few clicks into the cloud.

  • Capability to deploy images with more than one disk
  • Capability to check image compatibility and automatically remediate it for High Scale Low Touch cloud groups: this functionality is ment to help the IT administrator to move workload from a hypervisor to another and to consolidate master images. Virtual Image Library detects the image compatibility level:

    • fully compatible, meaning the image can run independetly on each of the hypervisors supported by High Scale Low Touch (KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX, Xen ) without any change

    • partially comaptible, meaning the image as is cannot run on all hypervisors supported by High Scale Low Touch but it can be automatically remediated by Virtual Image Library to make it compatible

    • not compatible, meaning the image either cannot run at all on High Scale Low Touch or it can run only on a subset of the supported hypervisors.

  • Capability to manage legacy virtual machines residing on vCenter via SmartCloud Provisioning self service UI: IBM SmartCloud Provisioning detects legacy images residing on VMware vCenter and allow you to manage them via the self service UI

  • Fine grained access to all resources: the owner of a resource in the cloud (cloud groups, environment profiles, virtual systems, virtual system instances,...) can decide which users and groups can have access to it
  • Live migration for KVM hypervisor in an High Scale Low Touch cloud group: using High Scale Low Touch command line interface you can move a deployed images across compute nodes without the need of stopping it

  • Capability to extend Windows images using Image Construction and Composition Tool
  • Single sign on and launch out between SmartCloud Provisioning self-service UI, Virtual Image Library and High Scale Low Touch administrative console
  • VMware vCenter plugin for Virtual Image Library: the IT administrator can leverage virtual image library functionality directly from VMware vSphere Client user interface without the need to log in into virtual image library

More details about the new features are available here