Work Order Metric Reports

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In addition to the Work Order Management workspaces, a suite of Work Order Metric reports is also included in this package.    These reports provide additional details for each of the metrics.  These details include detailed information on the workorders, descriptions, assets, locations, costs and related information.

Providing this content in the reports provides the user additional drilldown details if he needs.  Additionally, these reports can be scheduled, emailed, printed, saved and exported to additional file formats if required.

The 4 Work Order Metric reports delivered in this offering include

1.  Backlog Work Order Metric Report

Displays the number of work orders in your backlog, or your current work.   This insight on your current workload offers you additional data points which can be used for scheduling and planning purposes.   

2.  Overdue Work Order Metric Report

Quantifies the level of work not completed by scheduled completion date.  Timely completion of work orders is critical for safety work orders, along with high priority assets or workorders.   Delays in completing workorders can quickly lead to a mounting backlog of workorders and project work, rescheduling of other work orders, non-compliance to SLAs, along with schedule and cost overruns.    

3.  Unplanned Work Order Metric Report

Quantifies the level of active work that is not planned.   The percentage of unplanned work orders in your environment should be low.  High percentages of unplanned work can quickly lead to increases in work order backlog, along with unplanned labor costs and material expediting fees.

4.  Actual to Estimated Work Order Cost Report

Highlights if the planned labor, material, service and tool costs are being met.    Work Orders with high percentage values exceeding 100% indicate that the actual costs exceed the planned costs.  This could indicate unplanned labor hours or outside labor, unexpected material or tool costs, or incorrect estimates.