Navigating the Extended Content

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This extended content of Work Order workspaces and metric reports enables great flexibility in how it can be accessed.   Depending on the content, it can be accessed from either Maximo or Cognos.   This page will highlight a few ways the workspaces can be executed from Cognos.  For additional information, including how the metric reports can be accessed from Maximo, access the MaximoV75 Cognos10 Metrics Document here

Accessing within Cognos

The extended content is delivered to you in a zip file which you import.  After it is imported, you will have two top level folders located under the path public > publicmd > Workorder and Classification.   These folders are

                  Workorder Metric Reports:  Contains the four reports

                  Workorder Workspaces:  Contains the six workspaces

You can also use the launching workspace to quickly navigate between workspace pages.    Contained within the page you will find four categories of Metrics:  Work Orders, Assets, Supply Chain and Resources.   Under each category, a listing of metric workspaces is displayed which you can then navigate to.

Utilizing the other many other features in Cognos – including bookmarks, shortcuts, creating tabs for favorite workspace pages and configuring your Home page,  you can quickly access the content you view most regularly.