More information on the Maximo Cognos Extended Content can be found at the resources below


1.  Download Content - Download the extended content from IBM's ISM Library here.  


A. This content applies only to environments with Maximo (or higher) and Cognos 10.1.1 environment

B.  The latest download content was updated on March 25, 2014 to include the Inventory Management Metrics and Workspaces


2.  Documentation - For details on using the extended content, its intended user, and details on installing and configuring, download the document here.

*Note:  The latest document is V75_MaximoBIPacks_rev4.pdf dated March 27, 2014


3.  Demos - For detailed recordings of this functionality, access this page.


3.  BiLogs - The BiLogs listed below provide additional information on the Maximo BI Packs

September 30, 2013      BiLog:  Views...Introducing Maximo Business Intelligence Packs

Description:  Introduces the new Maximo BI Packs, utilizing Cognos reports and workspaces

October 18, 2013  BiLog: Users..Maximo Business Intelligence Packs

Description Reviews the target users for the Maximo BI Packs

November 11, 2013  BiLog:  Seeing Data..Maximo BI Packs

Description:  Highlights how Cognos workspaces can enable you to see Maximo data more clearly for analysis

November 20, 2013  BiLog:  Indecisiveness...Maximo BI Packs

Description:  Reviews the flexibility in display options enabled within the Cognos Workspaces in the Maximo BI Packs

December 31, 2013  BiLog:  And then there were MORE!..Maximo BI Packs

Description:  Introduces the additional content of Asset Management and Asset Failure Management Workspaces and Reports