Extended Content Demos

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This page lists recorded demos available for you on the Maximo BI Packs.   These demos include how to customize and configure the Cognos workspaces for your unique business requirements.


1.  Using Workspaces - Highlights the six workspaces delivered with the content - including the Launching Page, Learn More Page, and four Work Order Workspaces, including Work Type, Classification, Work Priority and Critical Assets. 


2.  Customizing Workspaces - This demos shows how you can change the chart types, styles, add comments and add/remove workspace content.


3.  Updating Workspace Filters - This demo shows how to update the Workspace filters to reflect the data in your Maximo environment


4.  Executing Cognos Metric Reports - This demo includes a review of the Cognos parameter page, navigation of the report content including export to XLS, and creating shortcuts and schedules for the report.


5.   Asset Metrics and Workspaces - This demo reviews the new Asset Failure and Asset Management Metrics and workspaces introduced in December 2013.