Asset Management Workspaces

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Also included within the Maximo BI Packs are the Asset Management reports and workspaces.   These focus on visually identifying key asset characteristics including Asset Costs, Assets with Preventative Maintenance Plans and Assets with Spare parts.   

The three Asset Management Workspaces include

1.  Asset Management - Classification Workspace

Classifying your assets is critical in providing insight on comparisons of assets.   With the Classification Workspace, you can quickly compare actual and historical costs of assets with the same classification.   This can provide important insight as to the types of assets you may need to focus on

2.  Asset Management - Critical Asset Workspace

The critical assets in your business often define the health of your operation.   If these assets are not properly maintained, your business processes may be severely impacted.    Critical assets are identified in Maximo in the field, Asset Priority.

Using the Critical Asset Management Workspace, you can view the costs related to your most critical assets.  Additionally, you can quickly view if your critical assets have Preventative Maintenance Plans and Spare parts assigned to them.  Both of these items are key to insuring maximum availability of these items.  

3.  Asset Management - Failure Class Workspace

Failure Classes provide another mechanism for you to view and analyze your assets.   Using this classification provides another data point for understanding and prioritizing your assets.