Asset Management Metric Reports

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Supporting the Asset Management Workspaces are three reports including:

1.  Asset Cost Analysis Report

This report highlights the costs associated to assets.  This provides valuable information in determining if the asset’s maintenance costs are as planned or if they are being exceeded.  Excessive costs may indicate that the asset is either not being maintained properly, or it is aging rapidly and may be due for replacement.  

The two key cost metrics provided in this report include are

   A.  Actual to Budgeted Costs

  B.  Average Maintenance Costs


2.  Asset Spare Part Report

This report details the assets with Spare Parts assigned to them.  This information is critical in predicting inventory requirements in minimizing asset downtime.    


The goal is to maximize the percentage of assets that have Spare Part Plans.  Understanding spare part requirements enables Supply Chain Planners and Managers to better predict inventory requirements to minimize asset downtime.  


Additionally, a secondary purpose of this report is to highlight the inventory of the spare parts which may be assigned.


3.  Asset PM Plan Report

This report details the assets with PM plans associated to them.  This information is critical insuring that plans are in place to properly maintain the asset.   To highlight potential issues, assets with no PM plans are displayed first in the report.