Asset Failure Workspaces

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Also included within the Maximo BI Packs are the Asset Failure metric reports and workspaces.   These focus on visually identifying critical asset failure information including Number of Failures, MTBF, MTTR and Asset Availability.   

Similar to the other workspaces, the Asset Failure workspaces are designed to utilize the same critical asset failure metrics – but enabling varying filters on each page.  This enables your power users to view the same information in a variety of meaningful formats.

By utilizing this configuration, your user can quickly visualize Asset Availability or Number of Failures for an individual site by Failure Codes, Critical Assets or Classifications.  

The three Asset Failure Workspaces include

1.  Asset Failure Classification Workspace

Classifying your assets is critical in providing insight on comparisons of assets.   With the Classification Workspace, you can visually display Asset Failure Metrics of assets by their Classification type.   This can provide important insight as to the types of assets you may need to focus on.  

2.  Asset Failure Critical Asset Workspace

Your business relies on critical assets within your organization.   These assets may be vital to production processes, reliability of your operation, or safety processes.    Critical assets are identified in Maximo in the field, Asset Priority.

Using the Critical Asset Workspace, you can filter on Asset Priority and Site.    This provides insight to see if your most critical assets are failing more than your less critical assets.  

3.  Asset Failure Failure Class Workspace

Failure Classes provide another mechanism for you to view the asset failure metrics.