IBM CloudBurst Product Overview


IBM CloudBurst is a prepackaged and self-contained service delivery platform that can be easily and quickly implemented in a data center environment. It allows the data center to accelerate the creation of service platforms for a wide spectrum of workload types with a high degree of integration, flexibility, and resource optimization, providing an enhanced request- driven user experience, while aiding efforts to drive down costs and accelerating time to market for the business.

IBM CloudBurst includes the GTS implementation service so that it is a complete package of hardware, software, and the services to make it operational right away in your environment.

IBM CloudBurst is positioned for enterprise customers wanting to get started with a private cloud computing model. The product enables you to rapidly implement a complete cloud environment consisting of the cloud anagement infrastructure, including the cloud resources to be provisioned. It can have a very quick payback to the business. Using IBM CloudBurst, organizations can move towards a more dynamic infrastructure.

IBM CloudBurst combines the necessary hardware, software, and services components to rapidly implement cloud computing. As a single solution, it de-mystifies the intricacies of implementing a cloud computing model and can enable organizations to quickly realize the benefits and business potential of a dynamic infrastructure. Cloud computing is a services acquisition and delivery model for IT resources, and if used properly, can help improve business performance and control the costs of delivering IT resources to an organization. As a cloud computing quick start, IBM CloudBurst allows organizations to prove the benefits of this delivery model in a defined portion of their data center or for a specific internal project. Potential benefits include:

  • Reduction in operational and capital expenditures
  • Enhanced productivity - the ability to innovate more with fewer resources
  • Decreased time-to-market for business features that increase competitiveness
  • Standardized and consolidated IT services that drive improved resource utilization
  • Increased resiliency to market demands Improved quality of service for IT consumers

Built upon the IBM System x® BladeCenter® platform, IBM CloudBurst provides preinstalled capabilities essential to a cloud model, including:

  • A self-service portal interface for reservation of computer, storage, and networking resources, including virtualized resources
  • Automated provisioning and de-provisioning of resources
  • Prepackaged automation templates and workflows for most common resource types, such as VMware virtual machines
  • Service management for cloud computing
  • Real-time monitoring for elasticity
  • Energy management
  • Backup and recovery

CloudBurst 2.1 Overview

CloudBurst 2.1 provides a set enhancements with respect to CloudBurst 1.2:

  • Tivoli Service Automation Manager 7.2.1 FP1 has been inclulded in the software stack.
  • Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatform has been included also on the image where Tivoli Service Automation Manager is installed. Moreover by default both the nfs and tsam virtual images exploit single node high availability leveraging TSA. As natural extension, dual node high availability with TSA is configurable for both TSAM and NFS.
  • Usability improvements have been added to Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager reports so that you can easily identify the monitored resources.
  • The hypervisor included in the solution is VMware 4.1
  • TSAM, NFS, TUAM and ITM images are using SuSE Linux 10 SP3
  • Tutorials have been added to the infocenter to help you through the most common tasks

Specific information about CloudBurst 2.1 capabilities and features can be found at the following links:

If you are interested on what's new in TSAM 7.2.1 FP refer to:

CloudBurst 1.2 Overview

CloudBurst 1.2 provides a set of key enhancements with respect to CloudBurst 1.1.

  • The user interface has been completely redesigned in order to adehere to Web 2.0 standards. As a consequence the usability has been improved allowing to provisiong/deprovision a VM in a few clicks.
  • The energy management feature, already present in CloudBurst 1.1 has been enhanced with the integration with ITM: now it is possible to monitor energy management related data via IBM Tivoli Monitoring. In this way you have a single access point to collect/review and manage all the data you would like to monitor.
  • The inclusion in the solution of IBM Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager gives you the possility to track key information related to memory, CPU, and servers allocated in the cloud and associate them to specific account codes.
  • The high availability of the solution has been enhanced adding high availability for the management blade, not only for the managed VMs

    Security have been increased with the addition of an Intrusion Preventios System

Specific information about CloudBurst 1.2 capabilities and features can be found at the following links:

CloudBurst 1.1 Overview

IBM® CloudBurst 1.1 is a private, onsite cloud of virtual computing resources in a single box.

[IBM® CloudBurst 1.1 Announcement Letter]

CloudBurst 1.1 Users Guide describes the tasks and features of the IBM CloudBurst user interface.