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Business Function

Temenos T24 is a complete front to back office, CRM and product lifecycle management software platform that powers your retail, corporate, wholesale, universal and private banking operations.


Target Industry

Banking & Financial Markets


Business Challenges Addressed

  • World-class banking technology that benefits your business: Temenos T24 is built on Temenos Enterprise Frameworks Architecture (TEFA) an open software architecture that uses established technology standards to support all major banking types. Offering total scalability, T24 supports users and customers with true non-stop resilience - plus eliminates the need for End Of Day processing to deliver a true 24/7 banking capability.
  • Business efficiency: As a result of T24’s leading technology credentials, T24 has the flexibility to support the needs of any bank – from the smallest greenfield operation to the largest multinational. It is this strength that has given T24 the means to establish an unrivalled track record worldwide for: reducing cost of ownership; enhancing productivity; increasing efficiency; mitigating risk; expanding channels-to-market; lowering costs; improving customer service; optimising up-sell and cross-sell opportunities; driving growth; and boosting profitability.
  • Multiple sector deployment: T24 provides a high performance foundation for you to manage users, customers, processes, risks, delivery channels and applications - as well as deploy a full range of banking services across specialised lines of business. T24 is the most widely deployed banking software globally, and this experience continues to be built back into T24, giving T24 the most comprehensive coverage across: retail, corporate, wholesale, universal, Islamic, private wealth management and Microfinance banking.
  • High volumes, high security and scalability: carrying high volumes based on multiple, secure and scalable servers, T24 does not limit your number of transactions, users or customers. This ensures T24 is able to support any size of financial institution and all levels of traffic.
  • Open standards: coded for high-performance reliability and provided in open C or Java languages, T24 is based on established, independent and non-proprietary industry standards. Hardware and database agnostic, T24 uses an open J2EE application server, provides open connectivity through XML and Web Services and features an open, browser-based user interface using HTML and XSLT. T24 is the only core banking software able to run natively in both .Net and Java environments. This means that you can choose the best vendor or environment for your own needs, and change without altering your T24 investment – for maximum investment longevity. Native support means that you can use local Java or .Net programming to tailor the functionality and flexibility of T24. This extends local functionality and flexibility without compromising your ability to upgrade to later versions of T24.


Solution Description


It’s the world’s favourite core banking software platform …

Temenos T24 is a complete front to back office, CRM and product lifecycle management software platform that powers your retail, corporate, wholesale, universal and private banking operations. Running 24/7 and in real-time, T24 combines comprehensive business functionality with an advanced, secure, scalable and modular architecture that future-proofs your banking operations to meet the banking technology and market challenges of today and tomorrow.


Welcome to Temenos T24.

 Consistently ranked as the first or second best-selling core banking software platform worldwide for the last 14 years4, Temenos T24 is developed using a complete service-oriented architecture (SOA) that’s modular so you can deploy and integrate the functionality you need in perfect harmony with the needs of your business.


Integrating seamlessly with your existing banking systems, T24 enables you to deploy and control a flexible range of multi-channel, next generation banking services for your customers – efficiently, securely, cost effectively and profitably. We can implement T24 as a model bank version with built-in industry best practice processes or as a highly configurable version that we tailor to your specific requirements.



Value Proposition

TEMENOS T24 (T24) is the world’s leading, packaged corebanking software, proven to help banks to deliver growth, manage risk and manage cost

  • T24 –Adapts to your profile, appropriate to your secto. A flexible system to meet modern IT requirements, providing a model for each banking industry sector.
  • T24 is a proven solution which provides a single view of the business – across all business lines in both small and large banking operations
  • T24 enables a reduced infrastructure through a single, integrated architecture
  • T24 brings reduced global platform costs through centralisation
  • T24 provides a reliable infrastructure, so the bank can focus on serving its customers and growing its business
  • T24’s advanced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) tooling enables clients to directly leverage the rich suite of T24 business services within modern, flexible, scalable and standard SOA platforms


TEMENOS  limited

Temenos is a banking software specialist, with its award winning T24 core banking platform at the heart of its solution portfolio. Our consistently high annual investment in research and development enables us to constantly invest in new technology, functionality and in meeting new regulatory requirements, allowing us to deliver products that are consistently 'state of the art'.


We are committed to open standards and work in partnership with the industry leading hardware, database and middleware solution providers to ensure that our software is available on and optimised for a wider range of technology platforms than any other core banking vendor. We believe that the open architecture approach and leaving the choice of platform to our customers, enables them to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership and to leverage existing skills, investments or vendor relationships in order to achieve the highest possible return on investment.


Various solution areas are: 

  • Retail Banking
  • Universal Banking
  • Corporate & Wholesale Banking
  • Islamic Banking
  • Mobile & Internet Banking
  • Microfinance
  • Private Wealth Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • AML, Risk & Compliance