Performing a more advanced search

Perform a more advanced search when you want to use information in addition to or instead of a person’s name as the search criteria.


  1. Open the Directory page in Profiles. Alternatively, click Directory in the search bar the top of the page from your My Profile or My Network page.
    Note: Additional advanced search options are available by clicking Advanced in the search bar the top of the page.
  2. Do one of the following.
    • To find the profile of someone you know, enter the person’s name in the field provided, and then click Search.
    • To find the profile of a person whose name you forget or to find the profiles of people you do not know, but who share a common job role or tag, you can search particular fields as follows:
      1. Click Display full search options.
      2. Enter a value into one or more of the following fields to return profiles that contain the same value in the corresponding field.
        Table 1. Directory search fields
        Field name What to enter
        Keyword A term to search for in every field of every profile.
        Display Name First and last name of the person that you want to find. If the person goes by a nickname, use this field to search for the person by nickname.
        First Name Given name.
        Last Name Family name.
        Tags The tag to search for. This searches the tags that were added to peoples’ profiles.
        Job Title Job title to find the profiles of people who perform that job function.
        About Me A keyword that captures the type of skills and experience that you are looking for.
        Background A keyword that describes the kind of background that you are interested in.
        Organization or Company Name of an organization or company to find the profiles of employees.
        City City to find the profiles of people who work at that location.
        State State to find the profiles of people who work at that location.
        Country Country to find the profiles of people who work at that location.
        E-mail Address Business email address. This option is not available when the configuration prevents email addresses from being displayed.
        Phone Number Telephone number. This field searches all five phone number fields in a person's profile.
        Note: Your administrator can add or remove fields from the Search the Directory form to suit the needs of your organization. Because of this capability, the fields that display in the form might be different from those listed here.
      3. To include users who have left the organization in your search, select Include inactive users in search results. You can identify inactive users because their profiles are grayed out.
      4. Click Search to submit your search query.
    • To search every field in every profile for a given term, select Search > Profiles by Keyword from the top of the page, type the term into the search field, and then click the Search icon.

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