What's new in the Home page?

Find out about the new and updated features designed to make the Home page easier for you to use.

The following features are new or updated for the Home page in IBM® Connections 4.
  • The Home page user interface has been updated so that it is easier to find information that is important to you. The Updates tab and the Widgets tab have been replaced by a single page with different views available from the navigation sidebar. Use these views to filter the display and check for your latest updates and notifications. For example, you can check the Action Required view for items that require a response from you. The My Notifications view now includes responses to topics in addition to notifications that you have sent and received. For more information about the different views, see Home page views.
  • The improved microblogging experience allows you to gather information in a meaningful way and act on it in context. You can now attach files to your status updates, and use hashtags to tag your updates and make them easier for other users to find. You can repost status updates to share information with the people who are following you, or click Like to recommend an update. You can also preview images and download files to work on them locally.
  • The steps for following tags from the Home page have changed.
  • The Events widget helps you to keep track of upcoming community events that you are attending and that you are following. The widget is available from the activity stream views.

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