Editing forum topics

Edit a topic to make changes to it after you have added it to a forum. For example, you might want to update the title of the topic or attach a file to the topic.

Before you begin

To edit a topic in a stand-alone forum, you must be the Forums administrator, the owner of the forum containing the topic, or the person who created the topic. To edit a community forum topic, you must be the Forums administrator, the topic author, or a community owner.

About this task

Editing a forum topic does not affect the content of the responses posted in reply to the topic.


To edit a forum topic, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the forum containing the topic that you want to edit, and then open the relevant topic.
  2. Click Edit under the topic entry.
  3. Edit the topic as required and click Save to save your changes.


If content moderation is not enabled, your topic is updated immediately.

If forum topics are moderated in your deployment, any edits that you make to your topic must be approved by a moderator before the updated topic can be displayed. While your changes are awaiting approval, the topic is temporarily hidden. The topic displays again after the forum moderator has approved your changes.

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