Using file sharing to collaborate with others

File sharing enables you to collaborate with others on specific files and groups of files.

The Files application enables you and others to upload files for central storage and share files with those whom you designate. Sharing files enables you to collaborate with others. Controlling access to files enables you to be specific about who can see and act on files that you share and on files that are shared with you.

File sharing is particularly useful during the project or design planning stage when it is critical that multiple team members be able to see and act on ideas in a way that all team members can see and respond to.

Control elements include person and community-level access settings such as read and edit or read only. Files can optionally be grouped by folder, and folders can also be designated with specific access settings, including a contributor access level.

If you have owner or editor access to a file you can download and make changes to the file and upload new versions of the file. If you have reader access to a file, you can download the file but not upload new versions of it to that file page.

The following file tracking capabilities are available:

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