What's new in Files?

Find out what is new and what changed in Files.

  • Files now enables you to do the following actions:
    • Upload multiple files at the same time.
    • Download all of the files in a view.
    • Add files to a folder during upload.
    • Select and perform actions on multiple files at one time.
    • Delete a file version.
    • Share folders with communities.
    • Give community members access to edit files you own.
    • Move files uploaded to a community to trash; from trash you and others can restore or delete the files.
    • Stop sharing a file in one action, including removing the file from any shared folders and communities.
    • Stop sharing files that were shared with you. For example, if someone shared a file with you, and then you shared the file with a community, you can stop sharing with the community.
  • A file’s owners and editors can lock and unlock the file.
  • The file lock icon displays a red key in the owner’s view when the file is locked by another user. The file owner can unlock the file at any time.
  • A graphic Like option is now available on the file page; the Recommend file option has been changed to a Like file option.
  • For files that you are adding or have added to a folder, you can give access to those files to anyone who has access to the folder.
  • The files summary page and tabs have been redesigned to provide more information, such as in which folders the file resides and whether the file is referenced by status updates.
  • The Communities application contains an option for displaying files that are shared through the community.
  • Files that are referenced in one or more status updates are noted as such.

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