Using a file version

When you upload a file an initial version of that file is created. Your original work is saved in that first version until you delete it. When you or someone with Editor access uploads it again, a new version is created.

To access versions of a file, open the file page and click the Versions tab. You can see information including the version number, when it was updated, the person who made the updates, and the version size.

You can download versions of the file, and if you own the file or have Editor access, you can restore a previous version to make it the latest version. Only an owner or administrator can delete a version of the file. A new version is generated if you restore a file from an older version, or click Upload New Version to upload a new version of the file.
Note: When you restore an older version of the file, only the content of the file is restored. The title, tags, and other properties on a file page do not change.

Versioning can be disabled the administrator. If versioning is disabled, the new edited and uploaded version overwrites the current version.

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